Library of the Irish Genealogical Research Society

Library closure

The IGRS library will be closed from 24 February 2013 until further notice. The last opportunity to visit the library at its present venue will be on Saturday, 17 February 17th 2013. We have to leave St Magnus Martyr and are still looking for another place to keep the library.


The Library is of most use to those who have already researched their family back to 1850 or so.

As the Society is run entirely by volunteers, no research can be offered.


Opening times:

The Library collections include the following very useful resources:

Photocopying from books and manuscripts held by the Irish Genealogical Research Society is only allowed providing that the material will not be republished in any form, either printed or electronic, without the express written permission of the Society. Under copyright laws, you are allowed to photocopy up to 5% of a work or one chapter of a printed book in copyright, but not allowed to republish or post on the Internet without the permission of the author of the book or article or owner of manuscript material. Copyright of material does not end with the death of the author, but remains with their heirs for 70 years after death.

Scanning of any Library material is not allowed.

More detailed description of some of the unique resources


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